Message from Mother Earth Cards by Jacqueline Winters


  • A wonderful new Oracle deck by Jacqueline Winters, with beautiful illustrations.
    Use this pack of cards to call Mother Earth and ask her to help you in any way you desire. There are many books written about crystals which may guide you towards their healing properties, but these cards have been designed to help you connect to the mineral Kingdom and to develop your own inner intuition using layouts and techniques offered to you. Find reconnection to love and happiness, a fulfilling life that is rightfully yours and that in some way these cards may help you. If you do not have access to the crystals, the energy resonance of each card is linked to the essence of the stone, and may be used in the layouts instead. However, be sure if you ask Mother Earth she will send the crystals to you. Each pack contains: 44 x Crystal Cards, 3 x Layout Cards, 1 x Illustrator Card

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