Mythic Oracle Cards

by Carisa Mellado

Artwork by Michelle-Lee Phelan

45 Card Deck includes guidebook


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  • Mythic Oracle Cards

    Meet primal forces, Titan gods, Magical beings and legendary heroes. Discover the power and passion of deities like Zeus, king of the Olympians. Learn from the triumphs and trials of heroes like Achilles, who won glory in battle. And discover the courage and compassion of beings like Psyche, whose gentle beauty inspired the god of love himself.

    Let the timeless lessons of the Mythic Oracle guide you through the cycles of life - from matters of love, friends, and family to spirituality, creativity, and personal awareness. Use the messages of this oracle to move through life's challenges with clarity and confidence. Expand your intuition and inner strength and find the answers you seek. 

    The 45 divinely inspired cards and an in-depth guidebook that explains the messages of these mighty beings as well as offering step-by-step instructions to give accurate and powerful readings for you and your friends. Face the future. Find your courage. And let the Mythic Oracle guide you on your own  epic journey.