Beautiful Hand Made items from the                Chakra Project

Chakra Project is a community based project in north India, working for the social, spiritual and economic empowerment of the girls in Kashmir. Chakra Project was developed from Aminas love of colour and traditional hand stitching and integrated into her spiritual journey, a vision to create and teach beautiful textile art inspired by the seven Chakras and based on the therapeutic value and healing power of colour.  Each stitch on each of the Chakra Aide-Memoire and other Chakra designs are beautifully and mindfully hand made and handstitched by Amina and her wonderful team of Chakra girls at The School of Healing Arts, to bring the Chakra Awareness into your daily life and to create spiritual focus, positive energy and vibration of Joy around you using the vibrant rainbow colours of the seven Chakras.

Tel: 01592 572465
Mob: 07880 664927​


            Scotland, UK

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