Back in 2009 Krystalight owners Helen and Robert McIntosh had a very simple idea. They wanted to marry their passion for Alternative Therapies and Remedies with their interest in Gemstones, Holistic and Spiritual products. And so Krystalight was born.


Since then Krystalight has come a long way. We now attend many Holistic and other events throughout the year and our stock range has grown to include many Himalayan Salt Products including Lamps, Edible and Bath salt. We also stock many "A" grade Crystals and Gemstones from all over the world, Sterling Silver and Gemstone Jewellery of the highest quality, and much more. Both Helen and Robert are Reiki trained. In 2011 Helen  achieved her Reiki Master degree and has trained many new Reiki practitioners in Scotland and throughout the UK.